Manual spray guns

Since 1925, SAMES KREMLIN supplies to the industrial finishing industry a large range of paint spray guns, with or without électrostatic effect: our range includes all technologies for any paint jobs (HVLP paint guns, Airmix or air assisted airless® paint guns, Airless® sprayer). Our equipment are designed for any indusrial professional projects, from the automotive to the wood.

Our SAMES KREMLIN manual spray gun range more in details:

SAMES KREMLIN encompasses a huge knowledge since 1923 in the industrial finishing and supplies all types of spray paint gun for painting ranging from different shaped parts ( from smaller items up to large surface parts). All our  guns delivers high finish quality and transfer efficiency for all your projects whatever the size of your surface to be painted. We also supply all gun accessories and tools to apply paint in the most efficient way. Our range includes also spray gun kits fitted with hoses, especially for our powder  range.

We manufacture and machine all body and aircap/nozzle in our factory, based nearby Paris. We focused on our gun body design ergonomic to ease the painters pro working conditions and the atomization quality  for a high finish and transfer efficiency! We have also developped a premiumium range of paint sprayer accessories.

Nowadays, compared to our main competitors, Devilbiss finishing, Graco, Iwata, Wagner... to name a few, our policy is to continue to develop new innovative  technologies, such as the Vortex or Restrictor on our new FPro and FPro Lock (hvlp paint sprayers available) , to offer great  performances and able our customers to get a perfectly controlled application for any finishline .

  • Airspray or pneumatic range: low pressure, hvlp, hvlp gravity spray guns feed with cups. Thanks to our expertise, we have been able to develop a full range of aircaps and nozzles of different sizes for a perfect fan width, small or larger, according to every part area to be coated. Our newest FPro and FPro lock brings major advantages on our competitor hvlp spray guns tanks to the vortex and restrictor technologies
  • Airmix® range: it is a unique medium fluid pressure spraying technology - created by SAMES KREMLIN in 1975 -  in between Airspray & high pressure Airless® . Our latest spray guns , Xcite and Xcite Light gives incedible results, with limited overspray, high transfer efficiency and are particularly adapted to spray coatings in every wood industry projects. Our Xcite guns can be considered as hvlp paint sprayers when fitted with the right nozzle/tip.
  • Airless® paint sprayers: Airless® paint spray guns are the ideal solution to paint large surface for the building and industrial applications, for either interiors walls (sometimes as a substitute to paint rollers) of exterior.  
  • Powder application: powder is applied in a homogeneous layer. In order to obtain such powder layer thickness, our powder pressure pot feeds spray guns. This will enable the best transportation of powder to the gun - together with an electrostatic effect - for required application.

SAMES KREMLIN offers a wide range of systems ( pumps, pressure-pots or tanks, diaphragm pumps) to feed spray guns. Our paint sprayer accessories will help you personalize your application projects and perfectly control your application to achieve great finish and high transfer efficiency

Discover locally, and in a secure way, all the technical characteristics of our spray gun in real time by consulting the dedicated product pages. also available, videos of customer testimonials (also on our Youtube channel).

We also invite you to consult the automatic versions of our automatic spray guns in the "automatic spray gun" family section.